2024 Subaru Forester Turbo: Release Date, Price and Full Specs

Subaru’s legacy of producing rugged and dependable vehicles takes an exhilarating turn with the upcoming 2024 Subaru Forester Turbo. As the automotive world eagerly awaits the arrival of this turbocharged variant, we delve into the anticipated price, full specifications, and release date of the 2024 Subaru Forester Turbo in this blog post.

Turbocharged Performance

The standout feature of the 2024 Subaru Forester Turbo is its turbocharged engine, which injects a newfound dose of performance into the popular Forester lineup. The turbocharged powertrain is expected to deliver a thrilling driving experience, combining robust acceleration with the Forester’s renowned all-wheel-drive capabilities. This dynamic powerplant ensures that your journeys are not only comfortable but also exhilarating.

Engine Power and Efficiency

While official specifications are yet to be released, industry insiders speculate that the turbocharged engine in the 2024 Forester Turbo could produce around 250 to 280 horsepower. The torquey nature of turbocharged engines will provide impressive low-end grunt for quick acceleration and overtaking maneuvers. Despite the increased power, Subaru’s focus on efficiency means that the Forester Turbo will likely maintain competitive fuel economy figures.

Stylish Exterior Upgrades

The 2024 Subaru Forester Turbo is expected to receive visual enhancements that reflect its sporty and dynamic character. This might include unique front and rear styling elements, aggressive wheel designs, and subtle badges denoting its turbocharged prowess. The Forester’s signature rugged design will likely be complemented by sporty accents, creating a well-rounded and visually appealing package.

Interior Comfort and Tech

Inside, the Forester Turbo is anticipated to maintain the comfort and practicality that Subaru is known for. High-quality materials, spacious seating, and a user-friendly infotainment system are expected. Advanced safety features and driver-assistance technologies will likely be included to provide a safe and confident driving experience.

Pricing and Release Date

While Subaru has not officially announced the pricing for the 2024 Forester Turbo, it’s expected to occupy a slightly higher price bracket compared to the standard Forester models due to its performance-oriented features. As for the release date, automotive enthusiasts can anticipate the Forester Turbo hitting showrooms and dealerships in the latter part of 2023.

Full Specifications (Sample)

  • Engine: Turbocharged four-cylinder engine
  • Horsepower: Estimated 250 to 280 HP
  • Transmission: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
  • All-Wheel Drive: Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive
  • Infotainment: Touchscreen infotainment system with smartphone integration
  • Safety Features: Subaru’s EyeSight driver assistance suite
  • Interior: Comfortable seating, ample cargo space, and premium materials
  • Exterior: Sporty styling accents, unique front and rear design elements


The 2024 Subaru Forester Turbo is set to inject a new level of excitement into the compact SUV segment. With its turbocharged performance, rugged styling, and advanced technology, it promises to attract both Subaru loyalists and newcomers seeking an engaging driving experience. As the release date draws nearer, enthusiasts and adventure-seekers alike can’t help but anticipate the opportunity to explore the road ahead in the 2024 Subaru Forester Turbo.


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