10 Common Myths About Life Insurance Debunked

Evaluating life insurance Life insurance is a financial product intended to pay money when an insured dies so as to help the beneficiaries to meet their commitments. Although, there are a lot of myths regarding life insurance that put the policyholders in a poor position to make sound decisions on the product. Therefore in this article, we will be unraveling ten myths on life insurance prevalent in society and globally to prepare you for better prevalence of good and worthy decision-making.

Myth 1: Contrary to this, it is believed by some people that life insurance is only for the elderly, while others think that it is for those who are wealthy enough to afford it.

There are several misconceptions when it comes to life insurance, but one of the most popular is the notion that people should only use it when they are past a certain age. Although there has been some debate on the relevance of the life insurance, it is clear to suggest that it is quite useful for people of all ages, and to those who have dependents or some sort of responsibility which they need to meet. Young people can commit to taking lower premiums and getting an insurance plan that will shield their families from being financially depleted upon the occurrence of an untimely demise.

Myth 2: A big challenge that one faces when taking a life insurance policy is that life insurance is expensive.

Even though some individuals are of the opinion that is expensive, they need to understand that there exist friendliest 18/37. There are two basic types of insurance: Term life insurance provides low-cost basic coverage for a limited amount of time, while Whole life insurance pays a fixed amount for the whole life of the policyholder with an added cash component. It should be noted that when choosing between two policies, an individual must search for a policy that meets his or her pocket.

Myth 3: Employer-Sponsored Life Insurance: Adequate

It is a common practice that many people obtain group life insurance through their companies under the perk benefits plan. However, it could be that this coverage might not suffice to provide for your family’s needs in the future. Employer provided are normally provided for a defined amount of money to be paid out in the event of the employee’s death, which is often inadequate to support the dependants and cover all their expenses. Further, healthcare through work is usually lost after resignation or termination in the course of employment, and this means that one is not protected.

Myth 4:  policies are unnecessary especially if you are a single person still exploring the world out there.

The banking of social security checks is some other misconception some single individuals maintain that life insurance is not necessary for them to have since they do not have dependents. But even in that case life insurance can be useful to pay for a burial, for debts or to leave a dissolved bequest for the beneficiaries or a charitable organization. Also, you can buy life insurance when you are young or when you are healthy to ensure that even when you are old or genes change, you will be charged lower prices for another policy.

Myth 5: One reason couples cannot buy for stay-at-home parents is that they do not need it.

Stay-at-Home parents in spite of not having a regular job, earns their wages in the house hold sense. Violations – If the stay at home parent dies, the surviving spouse might be required to pay additional expenses like child care, house cleaning and other chores that were previously performed by the stay at home parent. At least, life insurance can assist in providing cash to be utilized to perform these responsibilities without any pressure of having no resources.

Myth 6: I currently have other 

policies If you are too old or have a health condition that makes it difficult to qualify for a policy What about a hundred grand the company and myself will discuss I am willing to pay for the high cost of the plan and for my family to receive one hundred grand and if my health state is too poor then I’ll just get Other Life Insurance Policies.

Inexpensively, it is still possible to find life insurance regardless of age or health status. Thus, even though premiums for the young, or specially the elderly and those with certain ailments and disorders are relatively higher, there is always an option. Products such as guaranteed issue life insurance policies, don’t require the insured to take insurance physical and doesn’t exclude based on pre-existing conditions; however, they come with several restrictions and may attract higher premium rates. It takes a professional insurance agent to assist you in the right selection depending on your needs.

Myth 7: Personal Accident

I personally do not consider it feasible to have a  cover as well as personal accident cover especially now that am not in a steady source of income yet.

Few individuals believe that they can yet purchase, but in fact, coverage is more attainable than they might imagine. It is important to note that as explained in the earlier section, policies vary in cost and it is possible to get one to fit your financial capacity. Also, there are other factors which may affect the cost of getting the  including age, health, the amount of coverage in the policy, the type of policy to be sought after. What is more, checking all possible options and prioritizing your financial goals might bring you a rather positive surprise and make you understand that having life insurance is possible and does not require rejecting all the other vital or pleasurable expenses.

Myth 8:  type of insurance that financially protects the beneficiaries in the event that the insured dies, but with my current savings.

The necessity of life and accidental insurance Although having savings is essential for one’s family today, it may not be enough to provide for all members’ needs after a family’s breadwinner dies. , however, explains that life insurance is an insurance policy that can take care of your family or loved ones should you die by paying for the debts, replacing your income, and paying for funerals. In general, life insurance does not replace savings, while gaining an additional shield and assurance of the financial situation of the family.

Myth 9: In conclusion, it can be stated that the insurance payouts equal to the insurance premiums paid for the life insurance policy are subject to taxation.

Death benefits in formal life insurance policies are actually tax-free; therefore make them an appropriate means to pass the wealth to the beneficiaries. Nonetheless, there are several rules they need to follow and some standard that they embrace and uphold depending on the specifics of the policy to be issued and the amount of coverage. For instance, the interest on cash-values arising the ‘whole-life-insurance’ policy could be taxed. For that reason, it is advisable to consult a tax advisor on how much of the compensation from the life insurance policy will be considered.

Myth 10: This could be due to many reasons but the main reason is that I can always buy life insurance later when I have enough capital.

It is always a common norm for people to delay when it comes to buying life insurance policies but the risk of waiting is always very risky. The As you approach the older age, the premiums are more expensive; and health complications are likely to develop thus causing a lot of difficult and expensive struggle in finding a provider. Further, one can develop certain health complications and then find himself or herself in situation where no insurance company will agree to cover. Thus, it is advisable to buy the life insurance policy at a tender age when you are free from various ailments and which will give the insurance provider less option than to agree to offer insurance at lower rates to safeguard your family’s future.

Thus, life insurance can be considered as an essential element of everyone’s financial planning which guarantees financial protection and published of mind for you and your family. Here, we outlined some myths people accept as the truth regarding life insurance, which if they disregard and consider the facts, they will be in a better place to take the right measures to safeguard their families’ financial security. For youthful individuals, the married ones, the healthy ones or those who are challenged in one way or the other, there is a life insurance policy that can be adopted to meet the need of an individual at that given period in life.

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