Top 10 Retirement Planning Tools and Resources

Retirement planning is a very important yet somehow challenging process that everyone expects to go through once they are done working. The need to plan and figure out the best approach and the useful tools in ensuring that a person and/or his or her spouse affirmatively secures his or her financial future in their sunset years. Given the available retirement plan solutions it is highly important to distinguish the best sources and instruments for retirement planning depending on their preferences and individual characteristics. At the end of this article, you will be able to review the list of the basic retirement planning instruments and sources that will help you manage this stage of life.

1. Retirement Calculators:

Determining calculators for retirement are important when it comes to predicting how much money is required when you are through with working. These consider aspects like present savings, retirement expected date, current age, expected longevity, the rate of inflation, and the rates of return on the investment, in order to give a result tailored to the individual. Some of the most sought after tools are Fidelity’s Retirement Score tool as well as the Vanguard’s Retirement Nest Egg Calculator.

2. Investment Platforms:

There is various investment products available, and all of them can be used for retirement planning by the investor who is using the investment platforms. Regardless of whether one wishes to engage in self-directed investing or leverage robo-advisor services, popular firms like Charles Schwab, Vanguard, and Betterment offer diversified asset portfolios, IRA/ 401(k) retirement accounts, and tools that help users assess the progress towards achieving one’s retirement goals.

3. Retirement Planning Software:

Tools like Personal Capital and Mint offer retirement planning and are capable of integrating and displaying all of the consumers’ needed financial information, giving details of spending habits and estimating income and expenses in the future. These tools afford one with glimpses on the overall position of their finances, weaknesses that may be present and opportunities for enhancement when planning on retirement.

4. Social Security Estimators:

Social security benefits form part of the income available for many retirees in America. When it comes to retirement planning, Social Security Administration simplifies the process by providing what if claiming age benefits estimations via its several online calculators. The more one understands how to claim his/her Social Security, the better positioned he or she will be to get the best out of what Social, Security has to offer in terms of retirement income.

5. Budgeting Apps:

People need to plan well when it comes to the use of money especially when developing a fund for retirement as well as the expenses one incurs in retirement. Personal finance applications such as revenue reports, YNAB (You Need a Budget), and EveryDollar assist with managing expenses, saving money, and estimating the amount that should be invested in pensions. So, the proper planning of one’s financial future will help achieve the desired goals of retirement by making correct decisions.

6. Retirement Income Planners:

Some of the companies that offer retirement income planning services include New Retirement and Income Strategy and the main aim of the given companies are to help customers come up with a steady source of income after they retire. These tools consider different forms of income, such as pensions and annuities, investment income, and part-time employment to devise a withdrawal approach that addresses the recommended income plan and longevity risks.

7. Long-Term Care Calculators:

Information on long-term care price rise and the manner in duration it affects retirement saving. For example, there are Genworth/AARP calculators which can provide approximate estimations of the long-term care costs by putting into consideration factors such as location, level of care required, and the period the services are needed. These costs can help you integrate the plan for including or excluding the long-term care insurance or any other strategies of your choice into the retirement plan.

8. Estate Planning Resources:

Estate planning is an important part of personal financial planning whether for retirement or not, which allows for proper legal administration of an estate and its assets as well as the minimization of the taxes on the transferred property for the beneficiaries. There are many websites, including LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer, which provide tools that can be used by estate planning individuals and even estate planning lawyers who need forms and assistance in creating important estate planning documents like wills or trusts and other legal preventive services.

9. Retirement Communities and Lifestyle Calculators:

Namely, retiree organizers or satisfying, relating to retirement, , or even moving into a different area in retirement based on lifestyle calculators such as Niche and Retirement Living, including cost of living indexes, healthcare organizations, recreation, and community assistance or opportunities. These tools assist you in considering the financial and live transcendent impacts of the variant models of retirement.

10. Financial Advisors and Retirement Planning Services:

Nowadays, there is a wide range of options for people who seek help in retirement planning, but working with a professional financial advisor may prove to be more beneficial. Some of the service providers of financial advice for retirement include the firms such as Edward Jones, Merrill Lynch and Company; such firms offer retirement planning service which has to do with the investment advice as well as retirement income strategies and support to enable one meet his retirement objectives.


retirement planning is a process of approaching the task both analytically and systematically to examine one’s current financial status, determine his/her optimum goals, and select the best strategies possible. It is almost never too early or too late to start making the necessary changes to develop a comprehensive strategy for retiring with comfort and happiness.

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