28 Poisa Call Rate Offer in Bangladesh [Any Mobile Number]

Welcome to the 28 Poisa Call Rate Offer in Bangladesh. Are you looking for a 28 Poisa Call Rate Offer? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. You can easily find out the details about the lowest call rate in Bangladesh from here. You can get the lowest call rate offer after installing the Brilliant app. You can easily enjoy the 28 paisa call rate of Bangladesh from any mobile number. You can quickly install the app from the Google Play Store with your smartphone anywhere. Happy you can download from other websites very easily. Today we will share everything about the minimum call rate in this post.

You can call Bangladeshi numbers at the rate of 28 paisa per minute through the Bangladeshi Telecom Calling App. You can also make free calls to IP numbers starting with Zero Nine. So you start using this app quickly, you can call any mobile number, telephone number, and IP number using this mobile with a minimum call rate of 28 paise

How to install Brilliant App?

Any smartphone user can use this app. Smartphone users can quickly install this app from the App Store, meaning you can easily install apps from your phone’s Play Store. This app is completely free so anyone can quickly install the app on the smartphone to talk. Continue reading the full post for more details.

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Register the Brilliant App

Do you want to know all the process of registering the Brilliant app? We have fully described the app registration process here. First, you need to install this app on your smartphone. You need to register before making a phone call after installation. You click the Register button to register and provide all the information.

If you are outside Bangladesh, you will register with a Bangladeshi number and submit by providing OTP. Once you provide and submit OTP you will get this call rate offer free minutes later to register. You need to verify your identity by entering your Bangladesh national letter and passport.

After all the process is over you can enjoy these free minutes and special call rates and 28 paisa minutes on any number. And any operator in Bangladesh can enjoy the lowest call rate on GP Robi Airtel Banglalink Teletalk and telephone numbers. You can get distance support from brilliant support teams.

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