Air Force Birthday 2022: Wishes, Quotes, Captions, Messages, Greetings, Images

On September 18, 1947, the United States Air Force was established as a separate military branch. Seventy-five years later, the Air Force is still going strong, and its birthday is an important celebration in the USAF community. Mark your calendars—September 18, 2022 is the big day! In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the impressive achievements of America’s airmen over the past seventy-five years.

Happy birthday, Air Force! As you celebrate your big day on September 18th, we want to commemorate all that you’ve achieved over the years. You’ve played a vital role in protecting our country and keeping us safe – thank you for your patriotism and service! In honor of your birthday, we’ve rounded up some wishes, quotes, captions, messages, greetings and images that you can use to celebrate. We hope you have a wonderful day.

When is Air Force Birthday 2022?

Did you know that the United States Air Force has its own birthday? It’s true! The Air Force officially became a part of the military on September 18, 1947. That means the Air Force will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2022. Even though it may seem like a long way off, now is the time to start planning for the big event. Wondering what sorts of things you can do to commemorate the Air Force’s birthday? Keep reading to find out.

Air Force Birthday Wishes

  • -You are a divine messenger. May He assist you as you carry out your responsibilities with courage and pride.
  • -We are here to enjoy this unique day with you because of your commitment to the greater good.
  • -You, like God, keep an eye on us all, and we greet you with birthday greetings.
  • -Celebrate on this day when God has given us the best present of all, a warrior of love when you were born.
  • -As you commemorate another year of life, I wish that today, above all others, offers you joy, hope, and strength.
  • -Without you helping the world in the way you do, it would not be the same.
  • -You are not becoming older; rather, you are becoming stronger.
  • -The army shows you how vital your life is… Greetings on your special day! On your birthday, be free!
  • -Raise your gun aloft and celebrate for your celebration – I know I am.
  • -War teaches you to value life, both your own and that of those surrounding you.
  • Start taking a step back and consider how so much better life would be if you were a part of it.

Air Force Birthday Quotes

-“The Navy can lose us the war, but only the Air Force can win it. The fighters are our salvation, but the bombers alone provide the means of victory.” – Winston Churchill, September 1940.

-“A terrorist is someone who has a bomb, but doesn’t have an air force.” – William Blum.

-“If our Air Forces are never used, they have achieved their finest goal.” – General Nathan Farragut Twining.

-“Airpower is like Oxygen. When you have enough, you don’t have to think about it. When you don’t have enough, that’s all you can think about.” – General Frank Gorenc.

-“Only air power can defeat air power. The actual elimination or even stalemating of an attacking air force can be achieved only by a superior air force.” – Alexander P. de Seversky.

-“War is not only a matter of equipment, artillery, group troops or air force; it is largely a matter of spirit, or morale.” – Chiang Kai-Shek.

Air Force Birthday Status

  1. -That camouflage won’t keep my lovely children and family from receiving these heartfelt birthday greetings.
  2. -There are no parties to take a comprehensive approach to your birthday. We’re all giving you a love-filled day.
  3. -Enjoy your independence, but never overlook the freedom warriors’ sacrifices.
  4. -The right to be free is extremely valuable. Our independence is symbolized by a flag fluttering in the breeze.
  5. -We are honored to have you as our air saviors.
  6. -Let us commemorate Air Force Day by honoring all members of the air force by being a brave and inspiring force.
  7. -We are fortunate to have been born into a family where true heroes are always present to guard and keep us all safe.
  8. -We can breathe freely today simply since we believe in free speech.
  9. -All of the nation’s air warriors wish you a happy Air Force Day. Thank you for guarding the sky like a savior in the face of adversity.
  10. -Warm greetings on Air Force Day to our armed forces, who were always there for us, watching over us like a spirit guide…

Air Force Birthday Captions

-Your birth marked the beginning of your journey as a hero. #airforce #army

-You’ve used your life to save the lives of others. #navy #military

-Today is the birthday of one of America’s greatest heroes. #airforceisgreat #joinarmy

-Your life was built with a goal in mind: to save people lives. #fightfornation

-You take a courageous stand, placing your life at stake. That’s what I call a happy birthday. #aviationlovers

-My ability is going to make you feel special on your birthday, even though I’m not a superhero. #airmax #specialforces

-I’m reserving my greatest kisses and hugs for your birthday, just like you do for others. #aviationphotography

-We honor those characteristics that make you our superhero on your birthday because you arrived into this world with bravery and force 20 years ago. #usarmy #militarylife

-You’ve saved so many precious lives. Today, we come to your rescue with birthday greetings that will whisk you away to the security of our hearts. #soldier #pilot #army

-What a wonderful way to commemorate your birthday by entrusting the blessings of your life to others. #usairforce #indianairforce

-You were given life, but now you’re passing it on to others. #fightfornation #salutearmy

-You were sent by God to bless others. #lovefornation #loveforarmy

Air Force Birthday Messages

-On This Baltic unity day I want to say that, As We are only as of the strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.

-The warm Birthday wishes soldier.

– That Day you were born was the day you became a hero.

– For you soldiers just as you save others, I have kept my kisses and hugs just for you.

– The God sent you as a blessing to bless others.

– Happy Birthday Sweet Angels, May god bless you.

– You are a messenger of God and may God keep safe you.

– Your nation salutes you on this special day.

– The soldier is the army. no army is better than its soldiers.

– women and men in uniform are a force. for Awesome throughout the world, and that is nothing to apologize for.

– No enemy or friend who could keep me from wishing, you the happiest of birthdays.

– Happy Birthday my dear soldiers, may the bright colors paint your life and you be happy forever. stay blessed.

– It is our national heroes’ birthday, and No one can stop me from wishing them.

– I promise that the more birthday candles you will blow, the more will come here for you to celebrate every special event in your entire life.

– There is some new fragrance in the winds of the country today,

– It is heard that tomorrow he is coming back to the forest.

– The big salute to our air force.

– Hold your gun high, and cheer for your Birthday – I know I am.

– May the light of the Lord shine upon you and grant you happiness on this birthday and for many years to come.


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