Albania Liberation Day Message, Quotes, Status, Image & Wallpaper | 29th November Celebrate Liberation Day in Albania

29th November is Albania Liberation! Albania is the freedom country. Today we share with you Albania Liberation Day related all update. Like Albania Liberation History, Albania People, Albania culture, Albania Freedom Quotes, Albania Liberation Quotes, Happy Albania Liberation Status and more. If you are in interest the Albania Liberation day history, so read the full article.

Albania Liberation History:

In September 1943, following the defeat of Italy in the second world war, Albania was invaded by Nazi Germany, with paratroopers landing in the capital Tirana before the Albanian resistance had a chance to form any sort of resistance.

During the war, Mussolini used Albania as a base to launch several attacks on Greece, most of them unsuccessful. In 1942, the National Liberation Front was set up in Albania to fight off the Italians and later the Germans. By the time that Italy was invaded by the Allied forces and Mussolini saw his last days, Germans decided to take over Albania, taking over the capital city of Tirana and driving the Albanian guerrillas into the surrounding hills.

Albania Liberation Best Quotes:

“He sat down with a dour face. “Ah, Shqipëria!” he said dropping his head. “Albania will never become Albania with Albanians in it!” He glanced at Jude. “Don’t ask.”
― Paul Alkazraji, The Silencer

“Era l’unica ragazza del villaggio iscrita all’università. Lei non voleva avere bambini, voleva solo i libri. A in mezzo alle montagne questo non potevi dirlo, se eri nata donna.”
― Elvira Dones, Sworn Virgin

“Me ka marr malli per Shqiperin, por jo per Shqipetaret.”
― Beta Metani’ Marashi

“Greater Albania?!”, this is a mockery of an unprecedented cynicism.”
― Ismail Kadare

 Albania Liberation Veteran Stories:

One of the most common things to do on Albanian Liberation Day is to listen to stories told by soldiers and others who lived during the German occupation of the country. Many of those who survived the invasion and occupation are still alive, so their stories are told to keep them alive. Many ceremonies include speeches from those who lived during that era as well as those who fought for the freedom of the country.

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