Top 10 Ftp Server list Of Bangladesh – BDIX FTP Server List 2021

Top 10 FTP List Of Bangladesh – BDIX FTP Server List 2021! Many people are looking for more to work on the net. But you may be hesitant to take less server. To remove this dilemma from you, we will give you ideas about the Top 10 FTP Servers in Bangladesh and link their names to our website.

With this server, you can easily use and perform your important tasks. We have updated 2021 and added new servers to our website. With FTP servers, you can transfer large files by running them on a computer. With theseervers, you can quickly download any file. So read our full post without delay.

What Is an FTP Server?

Usually, you have to run the computer through software with an FTP server. And you can easily download any large file very quickly.

Advantage of FTP Server:

  • Allows you to transfer multiple files as well as directories
  • The ability to resume a transfer if the connection is lost
  • The ability to add items to a “queue” to be uploaded/downloaded
  • Many FTP clients have the ability to schedule transfers
  • No size limitation on single transfers (browsers only allow up to 2 GB)
  • Many clients have scripting capabilities through the command line
  • Most clients have a synchronizing utility
  • Faster transfers than HTTP.

Top FTP Server list Of Dhaka, Bangladesh – Last Update (01/01/2021)

  1. Movie Mela Live
  2. Movie Haat
  3. VootBd
  4. Natural BD
  5. Boss BD
  6. Moja Loss
  7. The Introvision
  8. Fun Time BD
  9. Quick Online FTP
  10. E-Box File Server
  11. IT Base BD
  12. Movie Server – English
  14. Movie Server – Bangla
  15. Dhaka Movie
  16. Seba IT
  17. Panda Club BD
  18. Jhal Muri
  19. Asian FTP
  20. Net@Home BD
  21. Dhaka – FTP
  22. .Net Movie Server
  23. VdoMela FTP
  24. Media FTP
  25. GenVideos
  26. Dnet Drive FTP
  27. Inspire FTP
  28. Bongo BD FTP

BDIX FTP Server List 2021 [Updated]










BDIX Movies Server 2021 FTP List

KS Network

Zero Dollar Movies

Anabil Adda
Match Net.

Classic Network.
Film Jogot
ATS Media Server
Free Download BD

SAM Online
Circle Network
Bot-Tola Cyber Net
KS Network
Moja Loss
Film World

BDIX FTP TV Server Link 2021

  1. SAM Online Live
  2. Live TV
  3. Jago TV
  4. BDIX Media TV
  5. TV Server 1
  6. Amar BD
  7. Watch Live Cricket

I hope I have been able to help you with the information of Bangladesh’s Top BDIX FTP Server List 2021. If you want to know some details about these servers, you must comment in our comment box.

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