Bulgaria Unification Day Celebrate on 6th September || Quotes, Message, Image, HD Wallpaper & Picture

Bulgaria Unification Day 2019! Every Year in 6th September Bulgaria people is Celebrate their Unification day. Here we provide you Bulgaria Unification Day 2019 related many updates. If you are interested in this topic so, read the full article and know about the Bulgaria Unification Day 2019.  

Bulgaria Unification Day Image, Bulgaria Unification Day Quotes, Bulgaria Unification day Message Bulgaria Unification Day 2019 Celebrating idea, Bulgaria Unification Day wishes and more about this day.

Bulgaria Unification Day Facts & Quotes:

  • Great Britain was one of the primary nations that originally supported the split of the two regions in 1878 through the Berlin Treaty.
  • With the help of the Russian Army, Bulgaria was liberated from Ottoman rule in 1878.
  • The secret committee that fought for unification was called the BSCRC (Bulgarian Secret Central Revolutionary Committee).

Bulgaria Unification Day HD wallpaper & Image:

Bulgaria Unification Day Top Events & Things to do:

  • Attend the military roll call and firework celebrations on the night of the 6th in the Central Square in Plovdiv, the old capital of Eastern Rumelia. The President and Prime Minister are usually in attendance.
  • Attend the celebration in Sofia. Join the city’s mayor at the tomb of the King Alexander I of Battenberg who presided over the unification in 1885.
  • Watch a documentary about Bulgaria’s rocky history in order to better understand the meaning of its Independence Day. Some of our suggestions include The Bulgarians, Bulgarian history During the Centuries, Bulgaria With Love, Goryani, The Liberators of Bulgaria and Bulgaria, My Land.
  • Generate awareness on social media using hashtags such as #NationalUnificationDay, #BulgariaUnificationDay and #BulgariaUnites.
  • Celebrate Bulgaria by indulging in some of its traditional cuisines. Our favorites include: banitsa, kebapche, shopska salata, mousaka, shkembe, chorba and lyutenista

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