Dhaka to Comilla Train Schedule 2023 And Ticket Price, Online Ticket & Off Day

If you want to travel by train from Dhaka to Comilla and intercity trains from Dhaka which stop at Comilla railway station. We will discuss the schedule ticket prices of those trains in our article. So watch our article from beginning to end.

Four intercity trains leave for Comilla every day. Besides, Bangladesh Railway has arranged some mile train system. These trains are coming from Dhaka to Comilla with passenger service every day. Usually mile trains do not have holidays so these trains serve passengers every day.

Dhaka to Comilla Train Schedule & Tickets 2023

If you want to know the schedule of intercity train from Dhaka to Comilla, you can take a look at our power below. Because we have discussed the exact information about the schedule of intercity trains from Dhaka to Comilla in the table below. As if you don’t have to be harassed. You can get accurate information.

Train Name (Code) Deparute Time Arrival Off day
Mahanagar Provati (704) 7:45 AM 11:01 AM No
Upakul Express (711) 3:20 PM 7:01 PM Wednesday
Mahanagar Express (721) 9:20 PM 1:47 AM  Sunday
Turna (741) 11:30 PM 3.20 AM No
Dhaka Mail 1:30 AM 6:55 AM No
Karnafuli Express 1:30 PM 7:45 PM No
Dhaka Express 11.33 PM 6:40 AM No
Chttala Express 1:00 PM 5:05 PM Tuesday
Comilla Comuter 6:10 AM 12:50 PM Tuesday

Comilla to Dhaka Train Schedule 2023

Train Name (Code) Deparute arrival Offday
Mahanagar Godhuli (703) 5:50 PM 9:25 PM No
Upakul Express (711) 8:03 AM 11:45 AM Wednesday
Mahanagar Express (721) 3:23 PM 7:10 PM  Sunday
Turna (741) 1:50 AM 5:15 AM No
Dhaka Mail 1:22 AM 7:20 AM No
Karnafuli Express 1:28 PM 7:40 PM No
Dhaka Express 11:35 PM 4:25 AM No
Chttala Express 11:57 AM 3:50 PM Tuesday

Dhaka to Comilla Train Ticket Prices

Ticket prices are determined according to the distance of each intercity train of Bangladesh Railway from Dhaka to the districts. The distance from Dhaka to Comilla is 191 kilometers. So in these intercity trains different classified train ticket prices have been fixed. Take a look below and see all of them. We have attached the ticket price of each category.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 170
Shuvon Chair 205
First Seat 270
First Birth 405
Snigdha 391
AC 466
Ac Birth 702

Online Train Ticket Booking

Generally, if you travel by bus, you can book tickets online through various apps. But for train travel, Bangladesh Railway can only book tickets from their official website if you want. Thank you so much for following our website for so long. If you want to know about any of these trains, you must comment in our comment box. Thank you.

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