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Eid AL Fitar Celebrate in India on May 2021 – Wishes, Quotes, Messages & Images

Eid-AL Fitar celebrates the date in India! Welcome to Eid related another update contain. Today we share with you Eid Mubarak Celebrate Date in India. Here you can get Eid-al Fitar Celebrate date in India related all update. Read the full contain and enjoy the Eid day with your friends and family.

Meaning of the Eid-al Fitar 2021

Eid-AL Fitar is the best and biggest festival for all Muslims in the world. Every Muslim believes the Allah and Eid-al Fitar is the happy and sacrifice for Allah. You know that Eid Means “Joy and Pleasure” and Adha Means “Festival of the Sacrifice” Eid Mubarak Best Gift 2021

Eid-AL Fitar Celebrate Date in India

Every year after Ramadan Month of Arabic we are celebrating the Eid-AL Fitar. This year is also the same. But some countries are different, Like as Saudi Arabia. Eid-al Fitar celebrates in Saudi Arab 24th May and then on 25th May India celebrates the Eid-AL Fitar.

Date. Year. Weekday. Holiday Name. Holiday Type.
25 May. 2015. Friday. Eid al-Fitar. Gazetted Holiday.
13 May. 2016. Tuesday. Eid al-Fitar. Gazetted Holiday.
02 May. 2017. Saturday. Eid al-Fitar. Gazetted Holiday.
22 May. 2018. Wednesday. Eid al-Fitar. Gazetted Holiday.
12 May. 2019. Monday. Eid al-Fitar. Gazetted Holiday.
31 May. 2020. Friday. Eid al-Fitar. Gazetted Holiday.

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