Evaly Customer Care Number, Email Address & Head Office

Evely is an e-commerce company in Bangladesh. From Avali you can get high quality products at very low prices. In Evali you will find the contents of your daily used products. At present this e-commerce company has taken its place as a popular online shopping market among the people of Bangladesh.

As the number of Evali customers increases, we will inform you about Evali Customer Care numbers, email addresses, and head office. If you bought a product from Evali. And if there is a problem with that product for any reason, you can go to the nearest customer care in Italy and show the product. EVALY They are always ready to serve the customer. At present, the whole world is at a standstill. So you can buy anything online from your home if you want.

Evely Head Office Address

Evely is a company of GeoTV Commerce. So if you have bought a product from Evali, that product has been found to be an important problem. In that case, if you want, you can easily solve your problem by going to the head office of Evali. We are providing the address of Evali head office below for you.



Evaly Helpline Number

Initially no product in Evali. If you are late, you can call Bali’s hotline number to find out where your product is. If the sentence shows another problem, you can fix it initially.

Customer Care Number 09638111666

Evaly Customer Care Email Address

Email- support@evaly.com.bd.

Hopefully, we are happy to let you know about all the customer care addresses, mobile numbers, and Evely head office. If you want to know about any e-commerce company in Bangladesh, you must comment in our comment box. Thank you.

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