Foodpanda Bangladesh Customer Service Number, Email, Social Profile And Office Address

Food Panda Bangladesh is an online food delivery service company. Food Panda They provide uninterrupted online food service in different districts of Bangladesh. Nowadays food panda has become very popular among the people in Bangladesh. Besides, Foodpanda works in different countries.

We are very busy at different times so you can easily bring your food online with a phone app. Foodpanda There are usually many riders who wait to get your food order online.

When you include your phone’s app food list. Foodpanda worker rider will get this meal they order. It will then accept your order and deliver the food to you according to your address. You don’t have to worry about the quality of food being very good. Foodpanda has become the most popular in Dhaka, the capital of Burdwan. Because people are not able to get out of the house in Karna situation. Besides, the student cannot go and eat. But if you want to eat at the same restaurant, you can easily order Foodpanda food online.

Foodpanda Bangladesh Customer Service

Foodpanda Customer Service will usually need to open an app called Foodpanda from your phone store. Then you have to open an account and activate it. You can then order your meal as you wish and wait. If for any reason Foodpander is late after ordering food online, there is an option to complain in the phone app. You can go there and report your complaint.

Foodpanda BD Customer Care Number

They do not need a number to use Foodpanda. You can easily get their online services through an app. As soon as you order food online, you can see the app name of the restaurant from which the food will be collected.

Foodpanda BD Customer Service Email Address

If you order Foodpanda food online. The name and ID of the rider who will collect your order will be given to your app. Foodpanda authorities provide an email to their customers if you want your food to be delivered in quality or on time. You can report any complaints from this email. We are attaching this email number to our website.


3.Facebook Page link is

4.Instagram Profile link of Foodpanda Bangladesh is 

Hopefully Foodpanda has been able to give you all the information. By posting on our website you get a detailed idea about FoodPunder Customer Care and how to order food online. Thanks for staying with our website for so long. If you know more about Foodpanda, please comment in our comment box

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