New 2024 Kia Soul EX Release Date, Price & Full Specs

The all-new Kia Soul will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September and will go on sale in Europe in early 2020. The second-generation Soul is longer, wider and taller than its predecessor and features an evolutionary design. The new Soul will be available with a wide range of engines including a 1.6-liter petrol, 1.6-liter turbodiesel, and a 2.0-liter petrol. The range-topping model will be the Soul Ex, which will come with a host of standard features including 18-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, and a panoramic sunroof. The Soul Ex will also be available with a choice of two engines: a 1.6-liter turbocharged petrol or a 2.0-liter turbodiesel. Pricing for the Soul Ex will start from $23,000.

New Kia Soul EX Release Date

The all-new Kia Soul EX will be released in July 2024! This highly anticipated vehicle is a complete redesign of the previous model, and it’s packed with new features and specs that are sure to excite drivers and passengers alike. Some of the new highlights include a more powerful engine, updated exterior and interior design, and an array of new safety and technological features. Get ready to experience the best that the Soul has to offer when the all-new model hits dealerships this summer!

Full specs of the new Kia Soul EX

The new 2024 Kia Soul EX is a refreshed and more modern take on the Kia Soul model. It features a new grille and headlight design, as well as updated taillights. The Soul EX also has a new front and rear fascia. The overall look is sportier and more aggressive than the previous model. The Soul EX is available in both a six-speed manual and automatic transmission. The manual transmission has a more powerful engine with 147 horsepower and 132 lb-ft of torque. The automatic transmission has a slightly less powerful engine with 140 horsepower and 131 lb-ft of torque. Both engines are 2.0L four-cylinders. The Soul EX is also available with all-wheel drive. The base model Soul EX has a starting price of $20,320. The all-wheel drive model starts at $22,070.

The manual transmission model starts at $21,470. The Soul EX comes standard with a 7-inch touch screen display, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a six-speaker sound system. Safety features include lane keeping assist, forward collision warning, and a rear-view camera. The Soul EX is a great choice for those looking for an updated and more modern take on the Kia Soul. It has a sportier look and feel than the previous model, and is available in both a manual and automatic transmission. The all-wheel drive model is also a great option for those looking for a bit more power and traction.

Pricing of the new Kia Soul EX

The pricing of the new Kia Soul EX is something that has yet to be determined. The reason for this is because the car has not been released yet and so Kia has not announced how much it will cost. However, we do know that the starting price for the base model Kia Soul will be $16,490. This price does not include the destination charge of $975, which will bring the total price to $17,465. The pricing for the higher trim levels has not been announced yet, but we expect them to cost more than the base model.

First look of the new Kia Soul EX

The all-new 2024 Kia Soul EX was first previewed in June 2019 with a sketches. The production version was finally revealed on December 10, 2019, and it looks even better than the sketches! The new Soul EX is a true head-turner with its stylish and modern design. The first thing you’ll notice about the new Soul EX is its sporty and aggressive front end. The large grille and sleek headlights give the car a mean look, while the lower air intake adds to the sporty appearance. The rear of the car is just as stylish, with a spoiler and dual exhaust tips.

Overall, the new Soul EX is a great looking car that is sure to turn heads. When it comes to the interior, the new Soul EX does not disappoint. The cabin is spacious and airy, with plenty of room for passengers and cargo. The seats are comfortable and supportive, and the controls are all within easy reach. The new infotainment system is user-friendly and easy to use, and it’s sure to keep you entertained on long road trips. So, what’s the bottom line? The new Kia Soul EX is a great looking car with a stylish exterior and a spacious and comfortable interior. It’s sure to turn heads and make long road trips more enjoyable. If you’re in the market for a new car, the Soul EX should definitely be on your list!

Why the new Kia Soul EX is worth the wait.

The new Kia Soul EX is worth the wait because it is a stylish and affordable vehicle that offers a great driving experience. It is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 147 horsepower and 132 lb-ft of torque. The Soul EX is also equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission, front-wheel drive, and a seven-inch touchscreen display. The new Kia Soul EX also has a number of safety features that make it a great choice for families. These features include blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and a rearview camera. The Soul EX also comes with a five-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty. So, if you are looking for a stylish, affordable, and safe vehicle, the new Kia Soul EX is definitely worth the wait.

The new Kia Soul EX will be released in 2024 and will be available in three different trim levels. The base model will start at $21,995 and will include a seven-inch touch screen, Bluetooth connectivity, and a six-speaker audio system. The mid-level model will start at $25,795 and will add a sunroof, LED headlights, and an eight-inch touch screen. The top-level model will start at $29,795 and will add leather seats, navigation, and a 10-speaker premium audio system.


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