Mid Autumn Festival 2019 Top 10 Traditions Celebrating Idea & Food Item in China

Mid-Autumn Festival 2019! Welcome to Mid-Autumn Festival 2019! Mid-Autumn Festival is the biggest event in the world. Here we share with you Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 related all update. Like Mid-Autumn Festival Food, Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 celebrates Idea, Mid- Autumn Festival Message, Mid-Autumn Festival Idea, Mid-Autumn festival quotes, Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions, and mid-autumn Festival Image.

Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions:

Hallow dear visitors, here we added the best collection top 10 Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions. In this Mid-Autumn Festival, we hope you can fully enjoy this day with your family on this Tradition. Read the full article and enjoy this day with your family and your friends.

Top 10 Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions:

  • Having Dinner Together — Happy Family Reunion Time
  • Appreciate the Bright Full Moon
  • Shopping — Popular Among Young People
  • Watching Movies
  • Making Colorful Lanterns
  • Short Distance Traveling — a New Fashionable Custom
  • Sending Celebration Messages
  • Worshiping the Moon — a Disappearing Tradition
  • Eating Mooncakes — The Most Representative Tradition
  • Appreciating the Moon — a Symbol of Family Reunion
  • Giving Gifts — to Friends, Relatives, and Staff
  • Eat Moon Cakes
  • Enjoy Fiery Dragon Dances
  • Watch the Tidal Bore
  • Various Traditions Across Different Areas of China

Top 10 Mid-Autumn Festivals Food List:

Happy Mid-Autumn Day 2019! In this day people are sharing with their happiness with their family here we added the top 10 food items name. In this day you can shave your family this type of food.

  • Mooncakes 月饼
  • Hairy Crab 大闸蟹
  • River Snails 螺蛳
  • Pumpkin 南瓜
  • Duck 鸭
  • Taro 芋头
  • Watermelon 西瓜
  • Pears 梨
  • Osmanthus Wine 桂花酒
  • Lotus Roots 莲藕

Mid-Autumn Festival HD Wallpaper 2019:

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