National Bad Poetry Day 2019 Best Quotes, Image, Picture & Message

National Bad Poetry day 2019! Every year on 18th august celebrate the national Bad Poetry Day in the world. It is the biggest event in the world. This will be located in Winchester, United States, Winchester Book Gallery, Virginia, and especially rich country. national bad Poetry day 2019 best quotes, Picture, Message, Image, and more update is available in this article. National Tell & Jokes Day. 

National Bad Poetry Day Best Quotes 2019

  • Warm wishes on Bad Poetry Day to you, Pick up a piece of paper and pen and put your thoughts into poems that touch every heart.
  • Poems are a beautiful way to express your feelings and bad poetry is the next best way to go about it, Wishing you a very Bad Poetry Day.

A lady on the Highway”

  • The doctor said I should stop and so did my wife.
  • Said if I could stop buying ladies on the streets
  • I would be a good man, a good husband
  • Said I would soar like an eagle
  • On a shiny backdrop of a leaven sky.

  • Here I am though with my dollars flashing
  • Saying, “Hey, ladyboy! Come and get you some!”
  • She/he not responding, dreadlocks pouting,
  • A backpack is full of comics and nutrition bars.
  • “Step away, dude! I don’t want anything to do with’ ya!”

  • The doctor said I need a pill to end cravings.
  • Saying, “Anibitrol, Anbesol, Dimetapp.”
  • I would be cured, less dangerous
  • Said I would sit like a dog
  • On the dull porch of a dirty cabin.

  • Still here though with more dollars flashing
  • Saying, “Please, ladyboy! I’m harmless!”
  • She/he only shaking the head, knowing smile.
  • “You know I got what you want but not what you need!”

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