National Chocolate Ice Cream Day U.S

Chocolate Day 2020
National Chocolate Ice Cream Day Celebrate U.S

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day 2020! Hello dear’s welcome to National Chocolate Ice Cream Day related another article. We will very happy to inform you about National Chocolate Ice Cream Day U.S. To get details about this topic, read the full contain carefully. National Chocolate Ice Cream day related all update are available here. National Chocolate Ice Cream Day Activates, America’s Favorite Ice Cream List, Message, Quotes, Image and more.

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day Facts & Quotes:

  • In July of 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared the third week of July to be National Ice Cream Month by signing proclamation 5219.
  • According to Ice Cream History, ice cream cones were invented during 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, when large demand forced ice cream vendor to find help from nearby waffle vendor.
  • In 2014, 872 million gallons of ice cream were produced in the United States. The average American annually consumes 22 pounds of ice cream.
  • 10% of milk in the US goes towards making ice cream.

America’s Favorite Chocolate Ice Cream Flavors

In the day, the American’s all people are very enjoy with their family and friends. Everyone share their happiness with their relatives. There are maximum people eat the Chocolate Ice Cream on this day, children are more. Here we added the Top/Best Chocolate Ice Cream List in America.

America Top 10 Chocolate Ice Cream Flavors:

1: Mint chocolate chip
2: Chocolate
3: Cookies and cream
4: Vanilla
5: Butter pecan
6: Rocky road
7: Strawberry
8: Chocolate chip
9: Neapolitan

10: Granola

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day Activities:

National Chocolate Day is the biggest festival for all American people. Every year in 07th June they are celebrate this day more happiness. Here we added some special activities for this day.

  • Enjoy ice cream with your family and friends.
  • Load up on toppings
  • Visit an old-fashioned ice cream parlor
  • Try a non-dairy alternative to milk-based ice cream products.
  • Fix yourself a dessert-themed cocktail

America is most popular country I the world. American people always like to eat Ice Cream. There are maximum people are eat the Ice Cream. We added here top 40 Chocolate loving City name on here, that’s why you know that how much love Ice Cream on the American people.

1: San Antonio
2: New York City
3: San Francisco
4: Chicago
5: Portland
6: Charlotte
7: Phoenix
8: Kansas City
9: Oklahoma City
10: Los Angeles
11: Ft. Lauderdale
12: Miami
13: San Diego
14: Denver
15: Philadelphia
16: Nashville
17: Las Vegas
18: Atlanta
19: Austin
20: Seattle
21: Sacramento
22: Dallas / Ft. Worth
23: Minneapolis
24: Washington, D.C.
25: Virginia Beach
26: Pittsburgh
27: Houston
28: Columbus
29: Boston
30: Milwaukee
31: New Orleans
32: St. Louis
33: Raleigh
34: Louisville
35: Tampa
36: Palm Springs
37: Baltimore
38: Orlando
39: Jersey City
40: Indianapolis

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