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SR Travels is a well-known bus operator from Dhaka to the districts of North Bengal. This time the operator is the oldest bus operator in North Bengal. People are always talking about SR Travels service. Because of the high quality buses in their fleet and every year they are adding new buses to their fleet. The number of SR Travels buses has increased to 120 in addition to the current AC explorers.

A few years ago, the Korean company imported AC buses of Hyundai brand. It also provides various facilities to the passengers keeping in mind all the facilities. This is why SR Travels bus operators are popular with people.

Many people want to know about the price of the address ticket at SR Travels counter and how you can buy tickets online. That is why we will discuss in detail on our website the address ticket prices of all bus counters of SR Travels and the benefits of online ticket booking. Please visit our website from beginning to end.

All Counters Of Dhaka Divission

Kalyanpur Ticket Counter (কল্যানপুর)
2/2, South Kalyanpur
Shahnaz CNG Filling Station
Phone No: 02-8013793, 02-801931, 01711-394801

Abdullahpur Ticket Counter (আব্দুল্লাপুর)
Phone No: 01711-944023

Gabtali Ticket Counter (গাবতলী)
Phone No: 02-8011222

Bijoy Nagar Ticket Counter (বিজয় নগর)
Dhaka: 64, Kakrail, Dhaka
Phone No: 02-9351211

Mohakhali Ticket Counter (মহাখালী)
Phone No: 02-8834833, 01552-315831

Kalyanpur Ticket Counter (কল্যানপুর)
16, KhAJa Super Market
Phone No: 02-8060876

Uttora Ticket Counter (উত্তরা কাউন্টার)
Phone No: 01552315318

Gazipur Ticket Counter (গাজীপুর কাউন্টার)
Gazipur Bypass
Phone No: 01552-31318

All Counters Of Bogra District

Bogra Ticket Counter (বগুড়া)
Sherpur Bus Stand
Phone No: 88055, 01712-568356

Palashbari Ticket Counter (পলাশবাড়ী)
Bogra Road, Palashbari
Phone No: 01710-905592

Bogra Ticket Counter (বগুড়া সাতমাথা)
Phone No: 63655, 65333

Bogra Ticket Counter (বগুড়া ঠনঠনিয়া)
Phone No: 67055, 0644-5100066

All Counters in Naogaon District

Naogaon Ticket Counter (নওগাঁ)
Dhaka Coach Stands
Phone No: 6288, 01552-323264

Dhaka coach stand
Phone No: 01711394803.

All Counters in Gaibandha District

Gaibandha sadar Ticket Counter (গাইবান্ধা সদর)
Phone No: 01732678071

Gaibandha Road Ticket Counter (গাইবান্ধা রোড)
Phone No: 01712579545, 62877,

Gobindogong Ticket Counter (গোবিন্দগঞ্জ)
Phone No: 01712276063

All Counters Of Rangpur Divission

Rangpur jahaj Co. More (জাহাজ কোম্পানী মোড়)
Phone No: 06445390058, 01193009310

Santahar Railgate Ticket Counter (শান্তাহার রেলগেইট)
Phone No: 69423, 01556-331033

Rangpur Kamarpara Ticket Counter (রংপুর কামাড়পাড়া)
Dhaka bus Stands
Phone No: 65311, 01552315392

All Counters in Lalmonir Hat District

Railwaygate Puraton Bazaar (পুরাতনবাজার রেলগেইট)
Phone: 61891, 01712-18098

Mission Road Ticket Counter (মিশন রোড)
Phone: 01917-199993

Tushar Vandar Bus Stands (তুষার ভান্ডার বাসষ্ট্যান্ড)
Phone: 01717288540 / 01717-13827

Burimari Zero Point (বুড়িমারী জিরোপয়েন্ট)
Mobile: 01712-114586, 01716-198114

Route of SR Travels

Departure Destination
Dhaka Bogra
Dhaka Gaibandha
Dhaka Rangpur
Dhaka Jaypurhat
Dhaka Burimari
Dhaka Nilfamari
Dhaka Naogaon
Dhaka Hily

SR Travels Ticket fare

Destination Per Head Fare
Bogra Non Ac: 350 Tk.
Ac: 500 Tk.
Gaibandha Non Ac: 450 Tk.
Ac: Tk. 650
Rangpur Non Ac: 500 Tk.
Ac: 650 Tk.
Joypurhat Non Ac: Tk. 440
Ac: Tk. 600
Burimari Non Ac: 600 Tk.
Ac: Tk. 700
Nilfamari Non Ac: 600 Tk.
Ac: Tk. 700
Naogaon Non Ac: 550 Tk.
Ac: Tk. 450

Passengers should reach at the bus stand at least before 15 minutes.Things should remember in the journey:

  1. Every passenger can carry the luggage of maximum 10-kilogram weight with him/her. An additional charge will have to give in the case of more than 10 kg weight of luggage.
  2. Passengers cannot carry illegal goods with him/her. In the case of carrying illegal goods, the authority is not responsible for that.
  3. Smoking is not allowed on the bus.
  4. Passengers should take a token after giving their luggage in bus bunker and keep that token safe for receiving their luggage back. Handbags and other goods in the bus, passengers have to keep under their own responsibility.
  5. If passengers come late at the bus stand and miss the bus, transport fare will not be given back to them.
Schedule and Time Table of SR Travels Bus
Distination Time
Bogra To Dhaka First trip 8:00
Last Trip 10:45
Dhaka To Naogaon First trip 7:30
Last Trip 10:45
Dhaka To Bogra First trip 7:30
Last Trip 10:45
Naogaon To Dhaka First trip 7:30
Last Trip 10:45
Dhaka To Gaibanda First trip 7:30
Last Trip 10:45
Gaibandha To Dhaka First trip 7:30
Last Trip 10:45
Dhaka To Rangpur First trip 7:30
Last Trip 10:45
Rangpur To Dhaka First trip 7:30
Last Trip 10:45
Dhaka To Lalmonirhat First trip 7:30
Last Trip 10:45
Lalmonirhat To Dhaka First trip 7:30
Last Trip 10:45

I hope I have been able to present all the information of these travels up to you. There are various bus operators like Bangladesh SR Travels. If you want to know about any bus operator, there is a comment box at the bottom of our website. Please comment. We will answer your question soon. Thank you.

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