Teletalk Customer Care Number, Email Address & Office Address

We know that there are many telecom operators in Bangladesh. One of them is the Teletalk operator. Teletalk Operator is a government operator in Bangladesh. The government of Bangladesh launched Teletalk in the telecom world on December 26, 2004. Since then till today it has been serving its customers with a reputation in tandem with other operators in the telecom world.

Teletalk SIMs have attractive offers. If you want you can enjoy low-cost internet data Talktime messages. Teletalk also has a 3G high-speed modem. If you want, you can buy their SIM and modem and make interesting offers and browse the internet.

If you are a Teletalk customer then for you we will attach the information address and mobile number of all Teletalk Customer Service Centers in Bangladesh to our post. Knowing the information, you can easily take the service of Teletalk Customer Care Service anywhere in Bangladesh.

If you want to replace your Teletalk SIM, if there is any problem with the bus SIM, you can go to our website with the correct address and mobile number of Teletalk Customer Care and solve your SIM or any problem.

Teletalk Customer Care Number

Usually, Teletalk Customer is primarily fighting if there is any problem with your SIM. You can solve your problem by calling these numbers.

  • General user can call from their Teletalk number: 121 helpline
  • Prepaid/other operators can call the helpline: 01500121121-9, 01550157760, 01550157750.
  • Corporate user can call the helpline: 267
  • Telecharge helpline number is: 852

Teletalk Customer Care Contact Number And Address

If you want to know the Teletalk Customer Care’s contact number and address then follow our table below. We are connecting all the district addresses and contact numbers of Teletalk Customer Care for you.

Area/District Address and Contact Number

Teletalk Banani Customer Care Center

  • Banani Post Office, Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka·
  • Everyday open
  • Cell: 015 50157750, 0155015 7760


Teletalk Uttara Customer Care Center

  • 4 Shahajalal Avenue (BTCL Exchange), Sector#06, Uttara, Dhaka-1230.·
  • Everyday Open
  • Cell: 015 50150061

Teletalk Uttore Post office Customer Care Center

  • Uttara Post Office, Road# 07, Sec# 03, UttaraModel Town, Dhaka-1230.
  • ·        Everyday Open
  • ·        Cell: 015 50150061

Teletalk Dhanmondi Customer Care Center

  • Dr. Refatullah’s Happy Arcade (2nd floor) House # 3, Road # 3, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.·
  • Tuesday Market Holiday
  • Cell: 015 50150073
  • ·Fax: 02-9673636

Teletalk Palton Customer Care Center

  • Surma Tower (1st Floor) 59/2 Purana Palton, Dhaka·
  • Everyday open
  • ·PSTN: 02-9561111 Cell:015 50150074

Teletalk Mirpur Customer Care Center

  • Akhanda Tower (Press Market) Block-Kha, Road-1, Plot-12, Section-6, Mirpur-10, Sentara Parbota, Dhaka.·
  • Everyday open
  • Cell: 015 50150098

Teletalk Farmgate Customer Care Center


  • Tuesday Market Holiday·
  • Cell: 015 50150060

Teletalk Tongi Customer Care Center

  • TSS Bhavan, Tongi.·
  • Everyday open·
  • Cell: 015 50157780


Teletalk Ramna Customer Care Experience Center

  • Ramna BTCL Compound, Ground Floor, Gulistan, Ramna, Dhaka-1000.·
  • Friday·
  • Cell: 015 50157784

Teletalk  Jatrabari Customer Care Center

  • 33/2 Uttar Jatrabari, Nawab Stone Tower, 1st Floor, Dhaka-1204.
  • Friday·
  • Cell: 015 50157783

Teletalk Shamoli Customer Care Center

  • Laila Plaza, H#27/1/A, Road Ground Floor, Shamoli, Dhaka-1217·
  • Everyday open·
  • Cell: 015 50150004

Teletalk Sadarghat Customer Care Center

  • Nagar Siddique, Shop # 14 (Ground Floor), Johnson Road, Sadarghat, Dhaka-1000.·
  • Friday·
  • Cell: 015 50157799


Teletalk Savar Customer Care Center

  • BTCL Telephone Bhaban Savar, Dhaka-1340 (Near Savar Bus Stand)·
  • Friday·
  • Cell: 015 50150054
Dhaka-Lalbagh Azimpur Customer Care Center

  • Opposite of New Market Main Gate, BTCL card center, New Market, Azimpur, Dhaka.·
  • Everyday Open·
  • Cell: 015 50150024
Dhaka-Badda Badda Customer Care Center

  • Holland Centre, Shop# 218, 2nd Floor (Mobile Market), Middle Badda, Dhaka.·
  • Wednesday Market Holiday·
  • Cell: 015 50157798
Dhaka-Tejgaon Bashundhara City Customer Care Center

  • Level # 3, Shop # 05, Block # B Bashundhara City, Panthopath, Dhaka-1205·
  • Tuesday Market Holiday·
  • Cell: 015 50150025
Dhaka-Keraniganj Keranigong Customer Care Center

  • Hasnabad, 1st Floor, Sajeda Bhaban, South Karanigong, Dhaka-1311.·
  • Everyday open·
  • Cell: 015 50150007
Dhaka-Bhatara Jamuna Future Park Customer Care Center

  • Shop# 4C-035C, Level – 4, Block # C, Mobile Zone, Jamuna Future Park, Baridhara, Dhaka.·
  • Wednesday Market Holiday·
  • Cell: 015 50150094
Dhaka-Gulshan Gulshan Customer Care (BTCL Telephone Bhaban)

  • BTCL Telephone Bhaban (Opposite of DCC Market), Gulshan-1, Dhaka 1212.·
  • Everyday open·
  • Cell: 015 50157816
Dhaka-Kafrul Kachukhet Customer Care

  • 1103, Ibrahimpur, Shop no:119, Ground Floor, Rupayan Nowfa Plaza, Kafrul Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka-1206·
  • Everyday open·
  • Cell: 015 50157835
Dhaka-Uttara Uttara Sonargaon Janpath Road Customer Care
(Closed )·

  • Wednesday·
  • Cell: 015 50157837
Dhaka-Shahjahanpur Malibagh Customer Care

  • House # 92, Malibagh Shahid Faruk Taslim Road, (Opposite Sohag Bus Stand), 1st Floor, Malibagh, Dhaka-1217.·
  • Everyday open·
  • Cell: 015 50157847
Dhaka-Sherebangla Nagar Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Customer Care

  • Manik Mia Avenue, BTCL Compound, Opposite to Shangsad Bhaban, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka.·
  • Everyday open·
  • Cell: 015 50157846
Dhaka-Rampura Banasree Customer Care

  • House: 07, Block: B (Main Road), Ground Floor, Banasree, Rampura, Dhaka.·
  • Everyday open·
  • Cell: 015 5015784
Dhaka-Uttara Uttara (Post Office) Customer Care Center

  • Uttara Post Office, Road# 07, Sec# 03, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230.
  • Everyday open
Dhaka-Gulshan Gulshan-1 Project Office Care Center
House#39, Road# 116 Gulshan-01, Dhaka-1212Friday
Dhaka- Faridpur Sadar Faridpur Teletalk Customer Care Center

  • Bahadur Market 14/111, Hazratala Mohalla, Faridpur Sadar, Goalchamat, Faridpur.·
  • Everyday open·
  • PSTN: 0631- 66670 Cell: 015 5015 0075 Fax: 0631-66673
Dhaka- Gazipur Sadar-Joydebpur Joydebpur Teletalk Customer Care Center

  • Noor Plaza, Ground Floor, Joydebpur Chowrasta, Joydebpur, Gazipur.·        Everyday open·
  • Cell: 015 50150023
Dhaka-Manikganj Sadar Manikganj Teletalk Customer Care Center

  • House # 75, Anjali Super Market, Ground Floor, Manikgonj Sadar, Manikgonj.·
  • Friday·
  • Cell: 015 50150028
Dhaka-Munshiganj Sadar Munshiganj Teletalk Customer Care Center

  • 424 Jubili Road, Jagadhatri Para, Ward No.- 2, Khal East, Munshiganj Sadar, Munshiganj -1500.·
  • Friday·
  • Cell: 015 50156760
Mymensingh -Mymensingh Sadar Mymensingh Teletalk Customer Care Center.

  • 3, Ganginarpar (1st Floor) Mymensingh.·
  • Everyday open·
  • Cell: 015 50156760
Dhaka-Naryanganj Sadar Narayangonj Teletalk Customer Care Center

  • Sufia Plaza Ground Floor, 123 B.B. Road Chashara, Narayangonj.·
  • Cell: 015 5015 7786·
  • Friday
Mymensingh -Netrakona-S ·        Netrokona Customer Care Centre

  • New court road, Netrokona·
  • Everyday Open·
  • Cell: 015 50157703
Dhaka-Tangail Sadar Tangail Teletalk Customer Care Center

  • Kali Bari Road, 1st Floor, Shachin Mansion, Adalat Para, Tangail.·
  • Friday·
  • Cell: 015 5015 0055
Rajshahi-Bogra Sadar Bogra Teletalk Customer Care Center

  • Islamic Studies Group Bhaban (1st Floor) Station Road, Samatha, Bogra.·
  • Everyday open·
  • PSTN: 051- 60000 Cell: 015 5015
Rajshahi-Joypurhat S Joypurhat Teletalk Customer Care Center

  • Ansar Ali complex, Ground floor, Sadar Main road, Joypurhat.·
  • Cell: 01550157706
Rajshahi-Naogaon Sadar Nagaon Teletalk Customer Care Center

  • Rubir More, Naogoan Sadar, Naogaon.·
  • Friday·
  • Cell: 01550157829
Rajshahi-Nawabganj Sadar Chapai Nawabganj Teletalk Customer Care Center

  • 499 Baten Khar More, Ifront of Islami Bank, Chapai Nawabgonj Sadar, Chapainawbgonj.·
  • Friday·
  • Cell: 01550157828
Rajshahi-Pabna Sadar Pabna Teletalk Customer Care Center

  • Tati Market (1st floor), Traffic Moor, Pabna.·
  • Everyday open·
  • Cell: 015 5015 0070
Rajshahi-Rajshahi city Rajshahi Teletalk Customer Experience Center

  • House # 356, Khan Bhaban (1st Floor) New Market (South Side), Station Road, Rajshahi.·
  • Everyday open·
  • Cell: 01550150063
Rajshahi-Sirajgonj Sadar Sirajgonj Teletalk Customer Care Center

  • Holding # 812, Ma-Mansion, 1st Floor, Station Road, Moktarpara Moor, Sirajganj.·
  • Friday·
  • Cell: 015 5015 7817
Rangpur-Dinajpur Sadar Dinajpur Teletalk Customer Care Center.

  • Alam Corporation, (1st Floor), Jail Road, Munshipara, Dinajpur.·
  • Everyday open·
  • Cell: 0155 015 7782 Fax: 0531-52680
Rangpur-Kurigram Sadar Kurigram Teletalk Customer Care Center

  • Troyee Nir, Holding No-0119-00, Ward No-05, Goshpara, Kurigram.·
  • Friday·
  • Cell: 015 5015 7825
Rangpur-Rangpur Sadar Rangpur Teletalk Customer Care Center

  • Rangpur Bhaban, Station Road Ground Floor, Rangpur.·
  • Friday·
  • Cell: 015 5015 7787
Rangpur-Thakurgaon Sadar Thakurgaon Teletalk Customer Care Center.

  • M/S Gallery Traders, Zella School Gate, Bangabandhu Road, Thakurgaon.·
  • Cell: 015 5015 7818
Rangpur-Barisal Sadar Barisal Teletalk Customer Care Center.

  • Nurjahan Mansion (Ground floor), Bagura Road,Alekanda , Barisal-8200.·        Everyday open·
  • PSTN: 0431- 2176011 Cell: 01550150066
Barisal-Bhola Sadar Bhola Teletalk Customer Care Center.

  • Azhar Mohal, Mohajon potti, Sadar Road, Bhola.·
  • Friday·
  • Cell: 015 5015 6756
Barisal-Jhalokati Sadar Jhalokathi Teletalk Customer Care Center.
29, Ronalose Road, Kamar potti, Jhalokathi.·        Friday·        Cell: 015 5015 7832
Chittagong-Bandarban Sadar Bandarban Teletalk Customer Care Center.

  • Nuel Plaza (1st floor), Jahangir Bhaban, K B Road, (In front of Bandarban Sadar Thana), Bandarban.·
  • Friday·
  • PSTN: 036- 163422 Cell: 0155 015 0096 Fax: 0361-63588
Chittagonj-Chandpur Sadar Chandpur Teletalk Customer Care Center.

  • Sraboni Vella (Ground floor), Comilla Road, East side of Goni School, Chandpur.·
  • Everyday Open·
  • Cell: 015 5015 7826
Chittagong-Agrabad, Anwara Agrabad Customer Care Center

  • C & F Tower (2nd Floor) 1222, Shaikh Mujib Road, Agrabad, Chittagong.·
  • Friday·
  • PSTN: 031- 2516800 Cell: 0155 015 0078 Fax: 031-2516802
Chittagong-Anwara Damara Teletalk Customer Experience Center

  • Idris Center (1st floor) 444 M. M. Ali Road Dampara Chittagong.·
  • Everyday open·
  • PSTN: 031- 2857866 0155 0150080 Fax: 031-2857899
Chittagong-Muradpur, Anwara Muradpur Customer Care Center

  • Holding # 429/575 Muradpur, Shollosahar, CDA Avenue, Chittagong.·
  • Friday·
  • Cell: 0155 015 0026
Chittagong -Anwara Closed
Chittagong -Hathazari Bandartila Customer Care Center

  • Sailors Colony, Opposite TCB Bhaban, Ground Floor, Bandartila, Chittagong
  • Friday
Chittagong-Comilla Sadar Comilla Teletalk Customer Care Center

  • 325/365 Jhawtola (1st Floor) Comilla.·
  • Friday·
  • PSTN: 081- 71111 Cell: 015 5015 0068·
  • Fax: 081-71114
Chittagong-Comilla Sadar Mainamati Customer Care Center
Maynamati Sena Kollyan Market, Maynamoti, Comilla.·        Everyday Open·        Cell: 015 5015 7701
Sylhet-Cox’s Bazar Sadar Cox’s Bazar Teletalk Customer Experience Center
BTCL Bhavan, Motel Road, Cox’s Bazar.·        Friday·        Cell: 015 5015 0059
Chittagong-Feni Sadar Feni Customer Care Centre
Feni zilla Muktijudda complex,Feni zilla unit comand,Feni.·        Everyday Open·        Cell: 015 5015 7702
Chittagong-Khagrachari Khagrachori Teletalk Customer Care Center.
Court Road, Diginala Road, Khagrachori.Friday
Chittagong-Dighinala Dighinala Customer Care Center.
Plot-B, Nalanda Center(1st floor), Boalkhali Natun Bazar, Dighinala, Khagrachari.
Chittagong-Dighinala Dighinala Customer Care Center.
Plot-B, Nalanda Center(1st floor), Boalkhali Natun Bazar, Dighinala, Khagrachari.
Chittagong-Laxmipur Sadar Laxmipur Teletalk Customer Care Center.
Moddho Bancha Nagar, Holding No-1243, Ward No: 06, Laxmipur Sadar, Laxmipur.Friday
Chittagong-Noakhali Sadar Noakhali Teletalk Customer Care Center.
768 Main Road, Maijdee Bazar, Maizdee, Noakhali.Friday
Chittagong-Rangamati Sadar Rangamati Teletalk Customer Care Center.
S.K. Market, 1st Floor Happier more, Bonorupa RangamatiFriday
Sylhet-Habiganj Sadar ·        Hobigonj Teletalk Customer Care Center.
BTCL Compound, Hobigonj.·        Friday·        Cell: 015 5015 7785
Sylhet-Sylhet Sadar ·        Sylhet Teletalk Customer Care Center.
R. N. Tower (1st Floor) Chowhatta, Sylhet·        Friday·        Cell: 015 5015 0067
Khulna-Bagerhat Sadar Bagerhat Teletalk Customer Care Center.
Press Club Bhaban (1st Floor),Shahid Minar Road Bagerhat.Friday
Khulna-Chuadanga-S Chuadanga Teletalk Customer Care Center.
Shahid Abul Kashem Road (Ground Floor), Infront of Town Football Math, Chuadanga-7200Friday
Khulna-Jessore Sadar Jessore Teletalk Customer Care Center.
4, BK Road, Bejpara, Jessore.Everyday open
Khulna-Jhenaidah Sadar Jhenaidah Teletalk Customer Care Center.
H.S.S. Road, Ground Floor, Kutum Community Center, Jhenaidah.Everyday open
Khulna-Khulna Metro Khulna Teletalk Customer Experience Center
Teletalk Experience Center T.C.B Bhaban (1st Floor), 21-22 K.D.A Avenue C/A, Shibari More, Khulna.Friday
Khulna-Phultala Daulotpur Customer Care Center
Tanklory Bhabon, Ground Floor, Natun Raster moor, Kasipur, Daulotpur, Khulna.Everyday open
Khulna-Kushtia Sadar Kushtia Teletalk Customer Care Center.
Shatabdi Bhaban Market (2nd floor), 92, N.S Road, Thana Traffic more, Kushtia.Friday
Khulna-Magura Sadar Magura Teletalk Customer Care Center
177, S.M. Plaza, M.R. Road, Magura.
Khulna-Satkhira Sadar Satkhira Teletalk Customer Care Center
113, Shahid Kazol Saroni, Judge Court Road, Satkhira Sador, Satkhira -9400.
Nilphamari Zilla ParishadMarket,Chowrangi More,




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