Teletalk Number Check Code – How to Check Teletalk Mobile Number

Dear Teletalk customer, Are you looking for different ways to check your own Teletalk SIM number? But this post will help you. Here you will find the code to check Teletalk mobile number very easily. It is very important for each of us to know our own mobile number. Because we use our own mobile number in different cases. We can each check our mobile number by dialing USSD code. However, many do not know what to dial. So let’s see how to check your Teletalk SIM number with USSD code and other ways.

How to Check Teletalk Number?

Are you worried about how to check Teletalk number? It is very easy to check Teletalk number. It only takes a few seconds to check your Teletalk SIM number. We have described the whole process of teletalk numbers in this post. You can easily learn how to check your own Teletalk SIM number from this banana. First of all you get a Teletalk SIM. Insert this SIM into a mobile of any brand.

You can check your Teletalk number through message send by going to message option. There are several processes for extracting Teletalk numbers via SMS.

  1. Typing: Write “W” in the Message option
    You can use QWERTY Keyboard to type. If you are in general handset then press 7 button
  2. Sending: Send it 321
    Click on the Send Button by entering the number
  3. Message Receive: Within Short Time you will receive your number
    you will receive SMS on your inbox
  4. USSD Code: You can check also the number by Dialing *551#
    USSD Code is the best way to check your mobile number on the Screen.

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Other ways to Teletalk Number Check

  • Write “W” on your message option and send it to 321 number. Within a very short time, you will get your own mobile number.
  • Type “P” and  Send to 154 ( Charge free )
  • Dial *551# ( Charge free )
  • Type “Tar” Send to 222 ( Charge 0.50 Taka )
  • Type “W” and  Send to 321 ( Charge free )
  • Type “WHOAMI” and send to 321 ( Charge free )

Hope you know the whole process of learning my Teletalk number. From now on you will be able to check Teletalk number at any time. If you still need any help, please let us know in the comments box. I am ready to help you anytime.

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