Thanksgiving Day Traditional Food Item List

Thanksgiving Day Tradition all Food item list! Thanksgiving day is the traditional event for all united states people. In this they are celebrate this day very happily. Every one want their happiness share with their family and friends. Thanksgiving Day related all update is available hare. In this article we provide you Thanksgiving Day Special and Traditional Food Related update information.

10 Traditional Foods for a True Thanksgiving Meal

  • Mashed Potatoes… Mashed potatoes are potatoes that have been boiled and peeled, and then crushed (mashed) into a soft and creamy dish. Add butter, milk and some garlic, and you have a perfect dish!
  • While you’re cooking the turkey (or many other meats), it will create juices. These juices can be turned into gravy,
  • Cranberry Sauce.
  • Green Bean Casserole.
  • Candied Yams.
  • Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without the turkey
  • The turkey is then roasted, meaning cooked in an oven or over an open fire. The best roasted turkeys are juicy and delicious, but roasting a turkey takes skill. The turkey is notorious (well known for something negative) for being dry.
  • Stuffing/Dressing. “Stuff” is another way to say “things.” …
  • Stuff” is another way to say “things.” But the verb to stuff means that you fill something until it’s full. Thanksgiving stuffing (also called dressing) is the food that goes inside the roasted turkey.

We already share the traditional food about the Thanksgiving Day. It’s a complete article about the Thanksgiving Day traditional food related info. Do you want to know about another update about the Thanksgiving day 2019, connect with us.

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